Evelyn Alice Heberden

Born1873 Rothwell, co. York
Died1955 Wallingford, Oxon
FatherRev. George Heberden (1833 – 1891)
MotherDorothea Barnetta Gibbs (1836 – 1907)

Life Events

1891Death of father Rev. George Heberden
1907Death of mother Dorothea Barnetta Gibbs

Biography and Notes

3rd daughter. Baptised 26 November 1873.

Lived in S. Africa 1889-1903 and 1910-11; in Guernsey 1912-14.

In the Great War she worked 1914-16 in Walworth, Southwark, for "Families of Soldiers and Sailors" and for a few years later was farming in Berks. (Hagbourne 1916, Appleyard from 1917).

Living at Nythe Cottage, Benson, co. Oxon., 1923-30, at Crossways, Ipsden, co. Oxon., from later in 1930.

Died unmarried at Wallingford, Oxon.