Dorothea Blanche Heberden

Born1875 Rothwell, co. York
Died1945 Benson, Oxon
FatherRev. George Heberden (1833 – 1891)
MotherDorothea Barnetta Gibbs (1836 – 1907)

Life Events

1891Death of father Rev. George Heberden
1907Death of mother Dorothea Barnetta Gibbs

Biography and Notes

4th daughter. Baptised 4 January 1876.

In S. Africa 1889-94.

Lived at Bex, Switzerand 1902-14 and 1918-32.

From later in 1932 living with her sister Isabel.

In the Great War she worked at the Royal Northern Hospital afsd. 1914 and with her sister Evelyn 1915.

Died unmarried.