George Gibbs of Redland

Died1818 Redland, Bristol
FatherGeorge Abraham Gibbs of Pytte (1718 – 1794)
MotherAnne Vicary of Dunkeswell (1722 – 1803)
OccupationBristol merchant

Life Events

1777Birth of daughter Joanna Gibbs
1778Married Esther Joanna Farr
1778Birth of son George Gibbs
1778Death of son George Gibbs
1779Birth of son George Gibbs of Belmont
1781Birth of son Richard Gibbs
1781Death of son Richard Gibbs
1782Birth of son A son Unknown
1782Death of son A son Unknown
1785Birth of daughter Anne Gibbs
1787Death of wife Esther Joanna Farr
1793Death of daughter Anne Gibbs
1794Death of father George Abraham Gibbs of Pytte
1795Married Anne Aleyn in St. Augustine's, Bristol
1803Death of mother Anne Vicary of Dunkeswell

Biography and Notes

He was apprenticed before 1770 to his mother's first cousin, Samuel Munckley (d. 1801), a West India merchant of Bristol, and became partner with him in 1789, the firm being Munckley Gibbs and Richards. From 1802 till April 1818 (when he retired) he was head of the firm, which was styled Gibbs Richards & Gibbs, 1802-8, George Gibbs & Son 1808-18. (Search index for Richards, and Munckley who was half-brother of Sir John Duntze Bart). He was warden for 1777, Master for 1790, of the Society of Merchant Venturers of Bristol. A Dissenter till 1814, when he joined the Church of England. Resided in Bristol up to 1807, thereafter in the neighbouring Redland. For his life in more detail see the book 'Antony & Dorothea Gibbs' by J.A. Gibbs. No portraits.