Esther Joanna Farr

Born1748 Coombe House, Bristol
Died1787 Bristol

Life Events

1777Birth of daughter Joanna Gibbs
1778Married George Gibbs of Redland
1778Birth of son George Gibbs
1778Death of son George Gibbs
1779Birth of son George Gibbs of Belmont
1781Birth of son Richard Gibbs
1781Death of son Richard Gibbs
1782Birth of son A son Unknown
1782Death of son A son Unknown
1785Birth of daughter Anne Gibbs

Biography and Notes

Her father Richard (1708-82) was Warden for 1748 and 1759, Master for 1762 of the Society of Merchant Venturers of Bristol. For the Farr family see the book 'Antony & Dorothea Gibbs' by J.A. Gibbs, p.14, n2 and for note of portraits, p. 434.