Walter Antony Gibbs

Born1850 Frognall, Hampstead
Died1858 Clifton Hampden
FatherBaron Henry Hucks Gibbs of Aldenham (1819 – 1907)
MotherLouisa Anne Adams (1818 – 1897)

Life Events


Biography and Notes

Walter Antony Gibbs (2nd son), born at Frognal, Hampstead, Middlesex 19 January and baptised 20 February 1850 at St. John's, Hampstead. Died at St. Dunstan's, Regents Park, of typoid fever 16th and was buried 21 July 1858 at Clifton Hampden. Monumental Inscription there.

Miniature by Angelo Tricca of Florence, 1858, in possession of Alban Gibbs.