The Hon. Mildred Dorothea Gibbs OBE

Born1876 13 Park Sq., St. Marylebone, London
FatherAlban George Henry Gibbs (1846 – 1936)
MotherBridget Beresford-Hope (1853 – 1895)

Life Events

1895Death of mother Bridget Beresford-Hope
1936Death of father Alban George Henry Gibbs

Biography and Notes

Quartermaster of London Voluntary Aid Detachment No. 30 of the British Red Cross Society, 1910; commandant of No. 116, 1913. Served with Bulgaria Red Cross Society in Kirk Kilisse 1912-13 (decorated by the Queen of Bulgaria). In the Great War, amongst other V.A.D. services in London, was in 1915 successively a Nurse at Westminster V.A.D. Hospital, in charge of a Belgian Refugee Convalescent Hostel, and on Air Raid duty; and, from October 1915 to November 1918, Head of the Posting Department of County of London Branch of the Bulgaria Red Cross Society. Attached to the Westminster Division of the B.R.C.S. October 1919, sometime temporary secretary and vice-chairman, chairman 1926-8. Resigned V.A.D. 1929. 'Member' 1918, 'Officer' 1919, of the Order of the British Empire. Member of the Church of England National Assembly from 1925.

Portraits: one on china, 1879 (a companion picture to that of her sister but by a different & unknown artist). Drawing by W.E. Miller. Both in possession of Lord Aldenham. Crayon by E.U. Eddis in her possession (1932).