Mabel Alice Barnett

Born1874 1 Eaton Terrace, Westminster

Life Events

1894Married Ven. Archdeacon Kenneth Francis Gibbs in Aldenham
1895Birth of son Alan Christopher Gibbs
1896Birth of son Leonard Charles Michael Gibbs
1897Birth of daughter Doreathea Louisa Gibbs JP
1901Birth of son Raymond Kenneth Gibbs
1905Birth of son Bernard Vicary Gibbs
1905Birth of daughter Dame Anstice Rosa Gibbs DCVO, CBE
1908Death of son Alan Christopher Gibbs
1914Birth of son Andrew Antony Gibbs MBE, TD
1935Death of husband Ven. Archdeacon Kenneth Francis Gibbs

Biography and Notes

Mabel Alice, JP, only daughter of Charles Edward Barnett of 18 Courtfield Gardens, Kensington, and formerly of Edge Grove, Aldenham, banker for whose lineage see Barnett of Glympton in Burke's 'Landed Gentry' (by Augusta Rose) (died 1923), 2nd daughter of Sir John Walsh, 1st Lord Ormathwaite): born at 1 Eaton Terrace, Westminster, 6th and baptised 30th September 1874 at All Saints, Ascot. Married At Aldenham 5 June 1894, died 20 March 1953 and buried at Aldenham 23 March 1953.

Portrait by Mrs Blakeney Ward, now in possession of her son Bernard Vicary.