The Rev. Charles Crawley

Died1849 Stowe

Life Events

1784Married Mary Gibbs in Exeter Cathedral
1794Birth of daughter Caroline Crawley
1819Death of wife Mary Gibbs

Biography and Notes

His mother Susanna was sister of Rev. John Lloyd, D.D. (d. 1788), rector and patron of Stowe-nine-churches, Northants. His elder brother was Sir Thomas Brawley-Boevey of Flaxley Abbey (successor as 2nd bart. to the baronetcy of Sir Charles Barrow of Highgrove, Gloucestershire, and grandfather of Matilda Blanche Crawley-Boevey, the wife of William Gibbs of Tyntesfield. Their sisters were Catherine (1753-1842), the wife of Rev. Duke Yonge (1750-1823), vicar of Cornwood, Devon, who has descendants; and Susanna (b. 1748, died childless 1880), who married (1) Edmund Bastard, (2) Sir Thomas Hyde Page, whose daughter by a second marriage, Mary Albinia, was mother of Matilda Blanche Crawley-Boevey above mentioned.

Charles Crawley and Mary (Gibbs), their children and numerous members of the Crawley and Crawley-Boevey families and of families connnected with them enter into 'Antony & Dorothea Gibbs' by J.A. Gibbs or are mentioned in it. There are also there pedigrees (pp 445-6) and references (e.g. pp. 35n and 445-6) to other books, pedigrees, etc., the most ont he Boevey family and their connections entitled 'The Perverse Widow', Ruvigny's 'Plantaganet Roll (Clarence, Vol. 1905) and Burke's Peerage. In 'Antony & Dorothea Gibbs' by J. A. Gibbs, pp. 439-43, and in the Additions of 1922 and 1927, there is also a list of portraits of members (born before 1820) of the Crawley and connected families.

Charles Crawley was curate, first of Broad Clyst nr. Clyst St. George, next till 1789 - of Whitestone, nr. Exwick. In 1789, inheriting from his uncle Dr. Lloyd aforesaid the living of Stowe-nine-churches, he moved there from Devon, and lived there for the rest of his life. From 1784 for at least 50 years he was also vicar of Broadway, co. Worcester, but never resided there. He bought Pytte in Clyst St. George (1790) when his father-in-law was compelled to give it up but sold it out of the family in 1796 or 7.

For his and Sir Thomas's and their sisters' descent from King Edward III, see Ruvigny's 'Clarence' Vol. above mentioned, Burke's 'Royal Descents' (1858) and Ellacombe's Clyst St. George (1862).

The children of Charles Crawley and Mary (Gibbs) were:
(a) Charles (1st son), born at Whitestone, Devon, 25 September, 1788; educated at Rugby School (entered 1797); matric Oxford (Univ. College) 26 June 1807; 2nd Cl. Classics School and B.A. 1811; married 14 May 1825 Eliza Catherine, daughter of Abraham Grimes (for which family see the book Antony & Dorothea Gibbs by J.A. Gibbs, p. 377 n6); died 30 September 1871 at his house (now called Lawn Upton and (1931) in the ownership of Lord Wraxall of Chart XVIII) in Littlemore, Oxon, and was buried at Littlemore. He was in Antony Gibbs & Sons 1814-46, and a partner 1820-38 (in Spain for them 1818-19, in Chile and Peru for them 1828-33). A director of the London Assurance Corporation, 1842-65. A member of the Club 'Nobody's Friends' 1813-71. Alternate patron with Oriel College, Oxford, of the living of Littlemore, to the church of which (built in 1835 by his friend, Rev. John H. Newman-Cardinal later) he gave the chancel. For note of portraits of him and his wife, see 'Antony & Dorothea Gibbs' by J.A. Gibbs p.441. The eldest child of his only child, Charles Edward, was William Scott Crawley of Charlbury, Oxon. (b. 1858).
(b) George Abraham Crawley (2nd son), born at Stowe aforesaid 26 September 1795; educated at Rugby School (entered 1808); married 29 September 1826 Caroline, daughter of David Powell (for whose family see 'Antony & Dorothea Gibbs' by J.A. Gibbs p. 377, n6); died at Ambleside 24th and was buried 31 July 1862 in Highgate Cemetry. He was articled in 1812 to Jones & Green, solicitors in London, admitted solicitor 1817, afterwards partner in Pemberton Crawley & Gardener, London, later Crawley Arnold & Co. Marshal to Chief Justice Sir Vicary Gibbs 1815. Many years legal adviser to teh National Society and Treasurer to the Additional Curates Fund. Member 1819-62, Secretary 1833-62, of 'Nobody's Friends'. A spcial memoir of him by G.E.Cokayne is in the book, 'Nobody's Friends' (privileged printed 1885). His home from 1839 onwards was Fitzroy Farm, Highgate, which he built. By his two married sons and four married daughters he has numerous descendants, and one of his grandsons, Canon A. Stafford Crawley, married Anstice Katharine, grand-daughter of William and Matilda Blanche Gibbs, above mentioned.
(c) Anne Crawley (1st daughter), born 4 August 1785 at Whitestone; married 21 April 1806, her 1st cousin, Rev. John Lloyed Crawley (Boevey), born 1775, died 1850, record of Heyford, Northants, 2nd son of Sir T. Crawley-Boevey; died 2 January 1865 and was buried at Heyford. She had eight sons and three daughters and numerous descendants of hers are still living.
(d) Mary Crawley (2nd daughter), born at Whitestone 25 October 1786; died at Rugby unmarried on 16 April 1865, and was buried at Stowe aforesaid.
(e) Susanna Crawley (3rd daughter), born at Exeter 28 April 1790; died at Rugby unmarried on 14 April 1865, and was buried at Stowe.
(f) Elizabeth (4th daughter), born at Stowe 29 July 1791; died 3 January 1884; married 24 September 1811 Rev. George William Daubeny (1784-1860), for whose family see 'Antony & Dorothea Gibbs' by J.A. Gibbs, pp. 254 and n, and 446, and Burke's 'Landed Gentry' under Daubeny of Cote. She had six sons and three daughters, and numerous descendants of hers are living.
(g) Isabella (5th daughter), born at Bristol 23 October 1792; died young.
(h) Caroline (6th daughter), 1794-1850, married her 1st cousin, George Henry Gibbs, brother of William Gibbs, mentioned at the beginning of this note.
(i) Charlotte (7th daughter), born at Stowe 25 February 1799; married 7 October 1822 her 1st cousin, Rev. William Crawley (1790-1856) (5th son of Sir T. Crawley-Boevey, 2nd baronet), perpetual curate of Flaxley; died 14 December 1878. She had one son and three daughters and numerous descendants of hers are living.