Victor Bremner Purvis

Born1904 Kampala, British East Africa

Life Events

1945Married Joan (Joanna) Isabel Gibbs
1946Birth of daughter Lucia Elizabeth Purvis
1951Birth of son Christopher Thomas Bremner Purvis
1995Death of wife Joan (Joanna) Isabel Gibbs

Biography and Notes

Son of the Rev. John Bremner Purvis, Rural Deal of Bridlington, Northumberland. Educated at Grammar School, Stockton-on-Tees, BM., BS (Durham 1927), DO (Oxon) 1930, DOMS (London) 1930.

1921 Head of School, Stockton-on-Tees Grammar School. At Durham University Anatomy & Histology Prizeman 1923 & 24; Demonstrator in Anatomy 1924; President, College of Medicine Medical Soc. 1926; Clinical Assistant Ryhope Asylum 1926; M.B., B.S., 1927. Ship's Surgeon, Blue Funnel Line 1927; General Practice, Middleton St. George, 1928; Clinical Assistant, Oxford Eye Hosp. 1930. Diploma in Ophthalmology, Oxford 1932; First Assistant Moorfields Eye Hosp. 1933; D.O.M.S. (London Univ.) 1933; Clinical Assistant Middlesex Hosp. 1934. E.M.S. Surgeon, Moorfields Eye Hospital 1939; Registrar, Moorfields Eye Hosp. 1942; Lecturer Optics Anatomy & Physiology, Moorfields, 1942; Lecturer Optics University Oxford, 1946. Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Peace Memorial Hospital, Watford, 1946; Hon. Ophthalmic Surgeon, Royal Caledonian Schools, 1946; Consultant Surgeon, Oxford Eye Hosp. & Clinical Lecturer Oxford University 1947; Consultant Surgeon Oxford Regional Hospital Board 1947.

Hon. Secretary Ophthalmic Section, Royal Society Medicine 1944; Member of Council Ophthalmological Society of the U.K. 1945; Member of Council & Appointments Committee, National Ophthalmic Treatment Board 1949-72; (Chairman, 1966-72). Member Ophthalmic Group Committee B.M.A. 1949-72. Inventor Streak Retinoscope 1943; produced first cinema film of Retinoscopy 1944. Contributor to the Transactions of the Ophthalmological Society U.K 1947-66.

Two children by his first marriage: Ian Bremner Purvis born 28 September 1933, and Julia Mackay Purvis born 13 January 1937.

Interests: Oil painting.

Died 26 January 1995.