Antony Gibbs of Tyntesfield

Born1841 13 Hyde Park Gardens, London
Died1907 Tyntesfield, Somerset
FatherWilliam Gibbs of Tyntesfield (1790 – 1875)
MotherMatilda Blanche Crawley-Boevey (1817 – 1887)

Life Events

1872Married Janet Louisa Merrivale in St. Michael's, Paddington
1873Birth of son The Right Hon. George Abraham Gibbs Baron Wraxall
1874Birth of son Antony Hubert Gibbs TD
1875Death of father William Gibbs of Tyntesfield
1876Birth of daughter Albinia Rose Gibbs
1877Birth of son Lieut. Colonel William Gibbs CVO
1879Birth of son Colonel John Evelyn Gibbs MC
1881Birth of daughter Anstice Katherine Gibbs
1883Birth of son Louis Merrivale Gibbs
1884Death of son Louis Merrivale Gibbs
1885Birth of son Eustace Lyle Gibbs
1887Birth of daughter Janet Blanche Gibbs
1887Death of mother Matilda Blanche Crawley-Boevey
1889Birth of son Brigadier Lancelot Merrivale Gibbs CVO, DSO, MC

Biography and Notes

1st son of Tyntesfield. Baptised 11 January 1842 at St. John's, Paddington. Educated at Radley College 1855-7; matric. at Oxford (Exeter College) 2 May 1862; BA 1867; MA 1869; entered at the Inner Temple as a student 1865. Died at Tyntesfield 24 and was buried 29 April 1907 at Wraxall, Somerset. Memorial Inscription in churchyard there and in the chapel (Charlton chapel), in Tyntesfield chapel and Keble College chapel; Memorial window in Clyst St. George chapel. Will dated 23 March 1905, proved 12 July 1907.

After marriage, Charlton (see entry for William Gibbs of Tyntesfield) was his country residence till his mother died; thereafter Tyntesfield. He succeeded to his father's properties in Somerset and Devon. He bought Barrow Court in Barrow Gurney, Somerset, adjoining Flax Bourton, from John Henry Blagrave in 1881 and sold it (with most of its land) to his brother Martin in 1884 and he augmented the living of Barrow Gurney. He bought, about 1874, Barton Place in the parish of St. David, Exeter, the ancestral home of his wife's family. He was patron of the livings of Clyst St. George, Exwick, Stowe-nine-churches, St. Michael's in Paddington, North Newton and Otterbourne which were all in his father's gift, also of Alphington, Devon, and of Flax Barton (in which part of the Tyntesfield Estate lies) both of which he bought.

A member of the Council of Radley College 1890-7. He and his brother, Martin, gave to Keble College, Oxford, in their father's memory, the side of the main quadrangle of the College embracing the hall, library, common rooms and kitchen. The foundation stone was laid in 1876, on the same day that the Chapel given by their father to the College was opened (see also entry for William Gibbs of Tyntesfield), and the opening took place in 1878, when the two brothers, whose names had so far been withheld, were disclosed as the donors (the deed of gift hangs in the Senior Common Room of the College).

Wraxall church was restored (1893) at his chief cost (Sir Arthur Blomfield, architect), and he introduced the stained glass windows by Kemp, and screened off the Charlton chapel, adding to it the reredos by Kemp.

He joined the North Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry as Cornet, 3 January, 1871; Captain October, 1881; Hon. Major, 1881; Major, 1886; retired 1893.

Justice of the Peace for Somerset from about 1867 to 1907. On the Highway Board and Board of Guardians. High Sheriff of Somerset for 1888 and Deputy Lieutenant 1889-1907. An Alderman of the Somerset County Council to 1898. President of the North Somerset Conservative Association for a great number of years. A Life Governor of Bristol General Hospital. On Bristol Diocesan committees for the promotion of Church matters. (In Sidney Lee's 'Life of King Edward VII (1923-7) it is related that the King when Prince of Wales twice in 1881 pressed on Gladstone the bestowal of a Baronetcy on Antony Gibbs. His son Lord Wraxall told John Arthur Gibbs - fourth editor of the Gibbs Pedigree - that this story was inaccurate and he asked Lee to omit it from any later edition, the facts being that the Liberal Whip Marjoribanks (later Lord Tweedmouth invited Antony to an interview, at which he said that gladstone desired to suggest him to the Queen for a Peerage, making reference to his and his father's philanthropic works, but that Antony having then mentioned that he was a Conservative he heard no more of the matter

Portraits: as a child by John Phillip, miniature with his father and sister Dorothea by Sir Wm. Ross, oil by J. H. Lorimer; all last in possession of Lord Wraxall in 1930 (11). The portrait in the Hall of Keble College is a copy by F. George Swaish of the Lorimer.