Henry Martin Gibbs

Born1850 8 Sussex Square, Paddington
Died1928 Barrow Court
FatherWilliam Gibbs of Tyntesfield (1790 – 1875)
MotherMatilda Blanche Crawley-Boevey (1817 – 1887)

Life Events

1875Death of father William Gibbs of Tyntesfield
1882Married Emily Anna Otter in Lindfield, Sussex
1883Birth of son Lieut. Colonel William Otter Gibbs
1884Birth of son Lieut. Noel Martin Gibbs
1885Birth of son The Rev. Francis Antony Woodard Gibbs
1887Birth of son Roland Vicary Gibbs
1887Death of mother Matilda Blanche Crawley-Boevey
1888Birth of daughter Matilda Blanche Gibbs
1889Death of daughter Matilda Blanche Gibbs
1889Birth of son Guy Melville Gibbs
1891Birth of son Ralph Crawley Boevey Gibbs
1893Birth of son Lionel Cyril Gibbs
1894Birth of daughter Mary Albinia Gibbs
1909Death of son Roland Vicary Gibbs
1916Death of son Lieut. Noel Martin Gibbs
1928Death of wife Emily Anna Otter

Biography and Notes

5th son of William Gibbs of Tyntesfield of Barrow Court, Somerset. Baptised 24 June 1850 at St. John's, Paddington. Educated at Lancing College 1866-69; matric. Cambridge (Clare College) 1871. Buried 25 April 1928 at Barrow Gurney, Somerset. Memorial Inscription in churchyard there; in Barrow Court chapel; in the chapel of Keble College, Oxford; in King's College, Taunton and Lancing College; Memorial window in Down Ampney Church, Wiltshire and Memorial reredos in the chapel of St. Michael's Home in Cheddar, the 2 last to him and his wife. Will dated 19 November 1926, cod. 20 March 1928, proved 24 August 1928.

During 1874 he lived at Malahuasi in the valley of Jauga, Peru, for his health. He restored Barrow Court 1882-84 for his home and bought it and the advowson of Barrow Gurney in 1885: restored the church at Barrow Gurney, 1887; erected or restored many buildings in the village; and bought the manor of Barrow Gurney 1902. The manor and village had previously belonged to J. Gratwick Blagrave, son of J. H. Blagrave.

Leased Down Ampney House, co. Glos., 1893-1916 and gave the screen, new pulpit, new seats and other gifts to the church there. For his benefaction with his brother Antony of a block of buildings to Keble College, Oxford, in 1875-78, in memory of their father, see Antony Gibbs. He gave the building which contains the school hall and class rooms, and many other benefactions, to Lancing College, and to its chapel; also gave a new wing to Ardingly College and was a great benefactor to this and other of the Southern and Western schools of the "Woodard" group.

He was on the Corporation of SS. Mary and Nicolas (the governing body of all the "Woodard" schools); a Fellow (1879-1928) of the Society of the SS. Mary and Nicolas (Lancing and the other Southern Schools); Fellow and Gustos (1879-1928) of the Society of SS. Mary and Andrew (King's Coll., Taunton); on the Committee of Lancing Coll., and Trustee of its property; founded three scholarships there.

He restored the Garrison Church at Dover Castle, and gave the reredos to the English Church at Balquhidder, co. Perth. Chairman of the Trust of St. Michael's Home in Cheddar. On the Long Ashton Rural District Council, 1902-28, and Chairman of the Barrow-Gurney Parish Council. A Justice of the Peace for Somerset (Long Ashton petty sessional division) 1886-1928. High Sheriff of Somerset for 1897. Served on various committees of the Bath and Wells Diocesan Conference.

Portraits: Oil by Solomon J. Solomon, last in possession of his son Major Antony Gibbs; water colour by E. Clifford, chalk by J. de Cazenave (1859), a min., a water colour (on photo base) by Speaight (1920), whereabouts unknown (1980); oil by Goldsborough Anderson (about 1903) at Lancing Coll.; min. (as a child, with his bro. George) by Sir W. Ross was last in possn. of Lord Wraxall (in 1930.