Emily Anna Otter

Born1854 Cowfold, Sussex
Died1928 Barrow Gurney

Life Events

1882Married Henry Martin Gibbs in Lindfield, Sussex
1883Birth of son Lieut. Colonel William Otter Gibbs
1884Birth of son Lieut. Noel Martin Gibbs
1885Birth of son The Rev. Francis Antony Woodard Gibbs
1887Birth of son Roland Vicary Gibbs
1888Birth of daughter Matilda Blanche Gibbs
1889Death of daughter Matilda Blanche Gibbs
1889Birth of son Guy Melville Gibbs
1891Birth of son Ralph Crawley Boevey Gibbs
1893Birth of son Lionel Cyril Gibbs
1894Birth of daughter Mary Albinia Gibbs
1909Death of son Roland Vicary Gibbs
1916Death of son Lieut. Noel Martin Gibbs
1928Death of husband Henry Martin Gibbs

Biography and Notes

5th daughter of Rev. William Bruere Otter, Archdeacon of Lewes, by Elizabeth, 3rd and youngest daughter of Robert Melvil, English Consul at Amsterdam. Baptised 9 April 1854 in Cowfold Parish Church. Buried 8 July 1928 at Barrow Gurney. Memorial Inscription in the churchyard there and in Barrow Court chapel. Memorial reredos and Memorial window, both as aforesaid under her husband. Administration 23 November 1928.

The following is a selection from a number of posts which she held at different times. In 1920 she resigned from sixteen on account of ill health. An original member of the General and Exec. Committees of the Somerset Federation of Women's Institutes, 1902-12, and an elected Vice-President, 1902-28; President of the Barrow-Gurney Women's Institute till 1928; Founder and President of the local Nursing Association; for many years on the Committee of the Somerset Association of the Welfare of Women and Girls:
co-opted Member of the Board of Guardians of Long Ashton afsd. 1904-28, and acted on many of its sub-committees; on the Somerset County Education Committee, 1903-20, and co-opted Member of its Special Subjects Committee, 1913-20; a Trustee of St. Michael's Home afsd. till 1928; on the Council of Bristol Blind School for many years till 1928; on the General Committee of Bristol Blind Asylum 1912-28; founded in 1912 the North Somerset Women's Unionist Association and was President and Chairman thereof; Local Representative of the Long Ashton War Pensions Sub-committee, 1914-20.

Portraits: By Wm. Walker (1883); by Goldsborough Anderson (1905); min. by Miss Hall, last in possession of her son Major Anthony Gibbs.