Caroline Crawley

Born1794 Clyst St. George, Devon
Died1850 Belmont, Wraxall
FatherThe Rev. Charles Crawley (1756 – 1849)
MotherMary Gibbs (1759 – 1819)

Life Events

1817Married George Henry Gibbs in Stowe-Nine-Churches, Northants
1818Birth of daughter Anne Gibbs
1819Birth of son Baron Henry Hucks Gibbs of Aldenham
1819Death of mother Mary Gibbs
1820Death of daughter Anne Gibbs
1821Birth of son Antony Gibbs
1821Death of son Antony Gibbs
1822Birth of son Antony Gibbs of Merry Hill
1824Birth of son Charles Crawley Gibbs
1824Death of son Charles Crawley Gibbs
1827Birth of son George Gibbs
1828Birth of daughter Caroline Gibbs
1829Birth of son Lieut-Colonel Charles Gibbs
1830Birth of son William Lloyd Gibbs
1832Birth of son Rev. John Lomax Gibbs
1833Birth of daughter Mary Dorothea Gibbs
1834Birth of son Frances Gibbs
1837Birth of son Joseph Gibbs
1838Death of son Joseph Gibbs
1839Birth of son Robert Crawley Gibbs
1842Death of husband George Henry Gibbs
1846Death of son George Gibbs
1848Death of son Lieut-Colonel Charles Gibbs
1849Death of father The Rev. Charles Crawley

Biography and Notes

Caroline sold the lease of 11 Bedford Square in 1849 and resided at Aldenham House 1846-50. In 1843-6 she built at Clifton Hampden, where her brother in law Joseph Gibbs was Perpetual Curate, a new parsonage to take the place of the old one which Anne Noyes gave in 1832. By a re-exchange in 1905 the former is now the Manor House and the latter has since been demolised. She also completely restored the church of St. Michael of All Angels there, mainly with money set aside by her husband when he inherited the property, but with contributions added by herself, and her son Henry. G Gilbert Scott was her architect in both cases. The Living was augmented under her Will. See article on Clifton Hampden in the book 'Antony & Dorothea Gibbs' by J.A. Gibbs pp. 447-50. For her 'Royal Descent' see entry for her father, Rev. Charles Crawley. For note of portraits of her see the book 'Antony & Dorothea Gibbs' by J.A. Gibbs p. 435, to which add that a copy was in possession of Lord Cullen (in 1932) of Sir William Ross's miniature, done by Ross's daughter under her father's supervision. Caroline was buried at Clifton Hampden. Monumental Inscription in church and church yard there and in Aldenham church. Her Will was printed on 16 July 1950 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Doctors Commons, London.