Rev. George Henry Gibbs

Born1880 Belmont, Wraxall
Died1896 Clifton Hampden, Oxon
FatherThe Rev. Joseph Gibbs (1801 – 1864)
MotherEmily Vaughan (1803 – 1869)

Life Events

1864Death of father The Rev. Joseph Gibbs
1868Married Mildred Mordaunt in Flax, Bourton
1869Birth of daughter Emily Gibbs
1869Death of mother Emily Vaughan
1870Birth of daughter Mildred Blanche Gibbs
1871Birth of daughter Mary Balmaine Gibbs
1873Birth of daughter Ethel May Gibbs
1875Death of daughter Mary Balmaine Gibbs
1876Birth of daughter Olive Gibbs
1877Birth of daughter Annie Rose Gibbs
1877Death of daughter Annie Rose Gibbs
1880Birth of son Henry Mordaunt Gibbs
1887Birth of son Joseph Francis Vaughan Gibbs

Biography and Notes

4th son of Rev. Joseph Gibbs of Clifton Hampden. Baptised 26 October 1842 at Wraxall. Educated at Marlborough College, 1857-9, matric. Oxford (Exeter College), 18 October 1862, BA and student at Cuddesdon Theological College, 1867. Buried at Clifton Hampden. Memorial Inscription in churchyard there and Memorial window in Hutton Church. Will dated 23 August 1874.

Deacon 1867; Priest 1868. Curate of Hambledon, Bucks., 1867-9; Rector of Hutton, Somerset (for which Living he was nominated under the will of his uncle George Gibbs, 1869 till 1895, when he resigned and retired to Oxford.