Stanley Vaughan Gibbs

Born1846 Belmont, Wraxall
Died1870 Jamaica, West Indies
FatherThe Rev. Joseph Gibbs (1801 – 1864)
MotherEmily Vaughan (1803 – 1869)

Life Events

1864Death of father The Rev. Joseph Gibbs
1869Death of mother Emily Vaughan

Biography and Notes

Baptised 5 January 1847 at Wraxall Educated at Eton College. Died of Yellow fever at Kingston, Jamaica, unmarried, 25 February 1870 and was buried 22 July 1870 at Wraxall. Memorial Inscription in the Church and churchyard at Clifton Hampden and outside the vestry at Wraxall.

At Eton he was in 1865 in the school cricket XI, and football XI. He entered Antony Gibbs and Sons, London, in 1867 and died on his way to join their Branch in Peru.