Cyril Grant Cunard

Born1867 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Died1914 54 Great Cumberland Place, St. Marylebone

Life Events

1896Married Beatrice Rhoda Gibbs in Bibury, Glos.
1898Birth of daughter Laura Kathleen Cunard
1900Birth of daughter Priscilla Cunard
1902Birth of daughter Veronica May Cunard
1906Birth of daughter Barbara Haliburton Cunard
1907Death of daughter Priscilla Cunard
1909Birth of daughter Penelope Elton Cunard
1912Birth of daughter Virginia Beatrice Cunard OBE 1956

Biography and Notes

Uncle of Euphemia C. Gibbs. 3rd son of william Cunard, by Laura Charlotte, daughter of Thomas Chandler Haliburton, Judge of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia (see Cunard, Bart. in 'Burke's Peerage'). Baptised at Windsor, nr Halifax, Nova Scotia. Educated at Eton College.

Buried at Notgrove, Glos. Memorial Inscription in churchyard. Will proved 17 June 1914.

He was sometime Lieut, in the S.E. of Scotland Artillery, and a Justice of the Peace for Berks.