Veronica May Cunard

Born1902 Hotel La Holland, St. Moritz, Switzerland
FatherCyril Grant Cunard (1867 – 1914)
MotherBeatrice Rhoda Gibbs (1870 – 1945)

Life Events

1914Death of father Cyril Grant Cunard
1927Married Claude Hanbury-Tracy in St. Paul's Church, Knightsbridge
1945Death of mother Beatrice Rhoda Gibbs

Biography and Notes

Baptised 8 March 1902 at Shorncliffe, Kent.

2 sons - Andrew (born 1931 and married twice to (1) Lillian and (2) Jenny Hodges. Andrew and Jenny have two sons: Nicholas and Tim.

And Charles (born 1938) and married twice to (1) Sarah and (2) Sarah. Charles has two sons: Justin and Edward, and one daughter: Emily.

And one daughter: Mary (born 1933) and married to Robert Cross (born 1924). They have 3 daughters: Lucy (born 1.7.1954) married twice (1) to Michael Worthington (with one son Simon Robert Kenneth (born 15.3.1990) and (2) to Richard Emmanuel; Sylvia (born 21.3.1961) married to Crispin Weston with two sons Toby Geoffrey (born 6.1.1994) and Sam Charles (born 15.3.1997); and Anna (born 31.1.1964). And 1 son, Ed Cross (born 7.10.1956) and married to Sue Abu with one daughter Mary Jasmine (born 19.5.1991).