John Arthur Pepys Charrington


Life Events

1932Married Barbara Haliburton Cunard in St. Paul's Church, Knightsbridge

Biography and Notes

Younger son of Arthur Finch Charrington of East Hill House, Oxted. Educated at Eton and New College, Oxford.

Entered Charringtons Brewery and became Chairman; then Chairman Charrington United Breweries. President Bass Charrington. Lived at: Netherton, Andover.

Married 2ndly Daphne Coleman.

3 sons and 2 daughters.

Son: Tom Charrington married Elizabeth Veronica McLaughlin on 25 September 1971 with three children: (1) Samuel Edward Charrington born 15 January 1973 and married to Chloe Leigh in June 2006 with two children Oliver Nye Charrington born on 6 July 2007 and Elise Charrington born on 15 July 2009, (2) Emily Clare Charrington born on 28 February 1975 and married Matthew Turner on 28 December 2013 with one son Gilbert Thomas Turner born 28 February 2013, (3) William John Redmond Charrington born on 24 December 1979 and married to Alberta Atzorri in June 2001 with one son Tommaso Joseph Charrington born on 20 September 2013.

Son: Giles Antony Charrington, born 7 November 1944 and married on 26 November 1970 Josephine Marie Cooper, born 21 September 1946. Three children: (1) Abigail Clare Charrington, born 3 March 1972 and married on 7 September 1996 Richard Michael Golland (born 24 January 1996) with three children Billi Charrington Golland born on 27 January 1996, Alfred Thomas Golland born on 15 August 1999, and Phoebe Pamela Golland born on 6 October 2002, (2) Tamsin Mary Charrington born on 17 July 1974 and married 2 February 2006 to Russell John Betts (born on 21 March 1972) with two children Ethan Matthew Betts born on 11 November 2006 and Isla Rose Betts born on 16 October 2009, (3) Daniel Thomas Charrington, born on 2 May 1977 married to Clare Hodgson (born 22 May 1979) with two children, Otto Peter Charrington born November 2010 and Flora Marie Charrington born on 28 August 2012.

Son: Nicholas John (born 6.9.1936). Married Celia Mary Jaques (born 23.7.1937). Two sons: James Nicholas (born 24.7.1965) and Edward Mark (born 27.10.1974, died 14.4.1978).

Two daughters: Julia Veldes (born 1.7.1933) and Mary Clare (born 8.9.1939).

Julia married Timothy Hugh Francis Raison and has 3 daughters: (1) Naomi Celia (born 15.6.1957) married to John Burgess Karslake (born 13.12.1956) with 2 daughters Eleanor Veldes (born 30.5.1985) and Clare Laura (born 30.5.1988) and two sons Samuel Kent (born 22.11.1990) and Matthew William (born 25.4.1997); (2) Laura Veldes (born 5.6.1959) and married to Thomas Magnus Grimond (born 13.6.1959) with two daughters: Eliza Nancie (born 16.4.1992) and Lucy Clare Laura (born 21.2.1994), and two sons: William Joseph (born 19.7.1996) and Joshua Timothy (born 13.2.1998); (3) Katherine Barbara Gabriel (born 29.6.1962). And 1 son: Paul Timothy Mark (born 7.11.1963).

Mary Clare married Philip Sandeman Ziegler (born 24.12.1929). One son: Tobias Mark Jerome (born 10.3.1972).