Penelope Elton Cunard

Born1909 95 Eaton Square, London
FatherCyril Grant Cunard (1867 – 1914)
MotherBeatrice Rhoda Gibbs (1870 – 1945)

Life Events

1914Death of father Cyril Grant Cunard
1934Married Nigel Dugdale
1945Death of mother Beatrice Rhoda Gibbs
1967Married George Arthur Loveday

Biography and Notes

Baptised at Notgrove, Glos.

1 son and 2 daughters.

Son: Sam (born 1950) married Philis (Phiz) Waldock and has one son: William James Nicol (born 13.7.1978) and one daughter: Polly Elizabeth (born 31.1.1981).

Daughter: Antonia (born 1939) married Nicholas Young, they have one son, Tom, and one daughter, Zoe (born 1972).

Daughter: Teresa (born 1946) married firstly to Aubrey Davies (with one daughter Alice), and secondly to Bill Tilden.