Christiana Maria-Theresa von Machanek zu Marienthal

Born1928 Gustav-Tschermak Gasse 23, Vienna, Austria

Life Events

1959Married Caryl Antony Vaughan Gibbs in Registry Office, Marlowe's Road
1960Birth of daughter Nicola Jane Gibbs
1966Birth of daughter Alexandra Henrietta Gibbs
2008Death of husband Caryl Antony Vaughan Gibbs

Biography and Notes

Born 21 March 1928. Formerly wife of Hamish Rei Bennie, and only daughter of Erich Oswald von Machanek zu Marienthal, of Gustav Tshermak Gasse 23, Vienna. Educated at Sacred Heart, Vienna.

Interests: Music, Opera, Paintings.
Portrait: Watercolour by David Hankinson, last in own possession.