Ven. Archdeacon Alfred Pott

Born1822 Norwood
Died1908 Woodside, Windlesham, Berks

Life Events

1855Married Emily Harriett Gibbs in Clifton Hampden
1857Birth of daughter Anne Pott
1858Birth of daughter Mary Blanche Pott
1860Birth of son Charles Percival Pott
1861Birth of daughter Emily Agnes Pott
1863Birth of son The Rev. Alfred Percival Pott
1864Birth of daughter Alice Pott
1865Birth of son John Arthur Pott
1867Birth of daughter Gladys Sidney Pott CBE
1870Birth of son George Stanley Pott
1873Birth of son Alfred Francis Vaughan Pott
1879Death of son Charles Percival Pott
1903Death of wife Emily Harriett Gibbs

Biography and Notes

Son of Charles Pott, merchant of London, by Anne, daughter of Samuel Compton Cox, Master in Chancery. Baptised 1 April 1823 at St. George's, Bloomsbury. Educated at Eton College 1836-41, matric. at Oxford 15 December. 1840 (Balliol College), 2nd Class Classics 1843, BA 1844, MA 1847, BD 1854. Demy of Magdalen College, 1843-53. Fellow thereof 1853. Buried 3 March 1908 at Clifton Hampden. Memorial Inscription in churchyard there and Memorial window in the Church. Memorial Inscription in Sonning Church, Berkshire. Will dated 2 February 1903. Proved 19 March 1908.

Deacon 1845; Priest 1846. Curate of Cuddesdon, co. Oxon.; Vicar thereof and Principal of the Theological College there 1852-7; Rector of East Hendred, Berks., 1857; Vicar of Abingdon, Berks., 1867; Archdeacon of Berks. 1869-1903. Vicar of Clifton Hampden 1875-82 (presented by Henry H. Gibbs). His parsonage there is now the Manor House. Vicar of Sonning, Berks., 1882-99. His Life is in the Dictionary National Biography.

Portrait by Sir W. B. Richmond in last possession of his son The Rev. Alfred Pott.